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WordPress theme change via phpMyAdmin

 1. Go into the cPanel, look for the Databases section and click the PHPMyAdmin link. (note you may need to setup a password using the “Reset MySQL Password” icon before you can log in.)

2. Select your WordPress database. (If you aren’t sure which database to select, check your wp-config.php file in the root location of your WordPress installation)

3. Select the ‘wp_options’ table (if you have another table prefix ‘tableprefix_options’)

4. From the header bar choose the “Browse” tab.

5. Select page 2 from the tables footer.

6. Now you’ll need to edit (Change WordPress Theme through PHPmyAdmin ) the ‘template’ and ‘stylesheet’ rows and put in the word “twentyten”, or put in any other theme you want there as refer below.

7. Press “Go” when you are done.

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