Please make sure you are adding the correct record as changes of MX record might need at least 4 hours of propagation period.

Case Study:

You could like to add record as below where will point's mx to with priority of 10.

mail IN A

@ IN MX[10]


1. Login to your Website Panel via

2. Seek for your domain.

3. Select on Edit DNS zone records.

4. Select "Add Record" for new creation or click on the pencil icon for the old record that need to change for modification.

5. Please use the format as below.

Record Type: A

Record Name: mail


6. Then add/modify the record as below.

Record Type: MX

Record Name: (empty)

Record Data:

MX Priority: 10

7. Click on Add/Save.

Please consult Exabytes Support if you do not sure about the record change.