Thanks to the cloud system we are able to provide Anycast DNS service. Now, you can use our cloud hosting control panel to manage your own domains with a straightforward tools. Our Anycast DNS service is hosted at data centers around the world.Following steps demonstrate the steps to add a domain name at our cloud hosting control panel.

1. Log into our cloud hosting control panel with your login credential.

2. At Dashboard, click DNS Hosting and then the DNS hosting product name at the next page.

3. At the next page, click Add new domain. Then, enter your domain name. The control panel will submit the request and add the domain name.

4. Return to the DNS hosting product page again and click the new added domain name.

5. You are allowed to add following records at the next screen.

- A
- MX
- NS


Below is the DNS you should apply to your domain name. : : : :