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.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Modify Registrant name record

About Domain Transfer Registrant for a .MY domain name

  • This process only applies if you want to transfer a domain name from one Registrant to
    another Registrant
  • The new Registrant will be charged for the domain name covering the period beginning on the transfer date. (The existing domain remaining year/s will be auto forfeited during the process)
  • Modify registrant name record is only authorized to Administrative Contact for the domain name. 

1. Go to MYNIC Selfcare portal HERE
2. Enter your login details and click “Login”.

Note: If you have lost your Username or Password, please click on the "Forget Username" and "Forget Password" link to retrieve.

.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Retrieving Username for .MY Domain
.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Retrieving Password for .MY Domain

3. Check out the list of domain names shown. Click on "Manage" button based on your preferred domain name. (You may use the "Search" function if you own a long list of domain names)

4. Domain name information page will be displayed.

    The page shows the information below:

  1. Domain Name information: Domain Name, Registration Number, Registration Date, Expiry Date, and the Domain Type.
  2. Contact types to shows your account types with a ticked symbol. For contact types with no right ticked symbol, the information can be viewed only and non-editable.

    Registrant : The person, company or entity who holds a domain name.
    Administrative contact : Manage administrative of the domain.
    Billing contact : Manage renewal and billing information.
    Technical contact : Manage nameservers and technical information.
  3. Contact information: All the contact information will be displayed. The Edit button will be available based on your account types.


5. Under REGISTRANT section, Click Edit button to modify registrant name and registrant record information.

a. Modify Registrant Name/Organization Name AND Choose the Reason of Modification

This part of information update requires MYNIC approval upon submission. Reason for modification is compulsory which is either change of legal name or typo entry

Domain name will going through a deletion + re-registration process AND registrant transfer fee will be applied according to your .my domain extension. Kindly drop an email to so that our Customer Service Executive can advise accordingly. For detailed process, you may refer HERE.

b. Modify Registrant/Organization address and Profile Contact
This part of information is auto-modified once you have clicked on the Save button.

c. A pop up message will appear to inform that the information has been updated.

d. You will receive an email notification from MYNIC for the modification for 5a with Email Subject : "Update Registrant Name - Received". You will receive an email notification from MYNIC for the modification for 5b with Email Subject : "Your Domain Contact Info has been Updated"

Note: You do agree with MYNIC Policy & Procedure HERE.

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