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Incident 918 FAQ

Date of Incident: 18 Sept 2021

Exabytes MY

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  • How soon can the services be restored and what is the status of our system recovery? Is there any temporary solution to activate my service for now?
    We are working round-the-clock in an attempt to restore the services. Our system recovery process is currently in progress and improvement will be reviewed once full restoration to the services is completed. Unfortunately, restoration takes time and we will update its status from time to time.

  • Are our information, passwords, and emails accessible by the hacker? Is there any data leakage of passwords or can the hacker configure undesirable auto-replies to any emails received?
    Reply: Preliminary investigation shows no information is exposed, but the image file is encrypted.

  • Is the backup intact and still restorable? What would be the date of restore point for databases that are affected? Do you have a business continuity plan and are there backup servers to enable traceability of our email threads?
    Reply: The majority of the backup is within 1-2 days, while for those without backup subscriptions, we are looking into our archive system to locate what we have.

  • Does this affect the local terminal or personal PC and/or server?
    Reply: No, it's only targeted and has affected some of our hosting servers. It does not spread. We would recommend any devices that anyone would want to connect online to install and be protected with security protection suites.

  • How is the attack initiated? Does the server not have ransomware protection? Will you be providing details later?
    Reply: A report will be released after all investigations and recovery processes are completed.

  • Have you lodged a complaint to MCMC?
    Reply: Authorities in Malaysia and Singapore have been contacted. 


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