Customize the Novocall widget (Basics)

Set Callback widget's appearance, positioning, logo and more.

It’s easy to customize the Novocall Widget so that it feels completely at home on your product or site. 

Here are 2 simple steps to setting up your widget successfully. 

Your Widget Settings

You’ll find everything you need to customize your Widget in your Widget Settings in the left-hand menu. 

Step 1 - Customize widget display

The first thing that your visitors will see is the greetings blurb from your widget. Here's 

an example of how the Greetings will look like on your website. 

Where is it?

You can edit your greeting to better serve your customers. Find the greetings 

page "Greetings box" under Widget Settings.

By default, your visitors will be greeted with "Hey there! :) If you have any questions,
leave your number below for a call from me."

Keep your message personal and your customers will be delighted! 

Aside from the greetings page, you can customize the text of your widget, such as the Instant Callback, 

Scheduled Callback and Message page. Here's the guide. 

Step 2 - Customize Appearance 

To customize your appearance, navigate to "Widget Design" 

Add your company logo

Under Widget Design, you'll see "Custom Widget Logo" at Default. Toggle it to Custom - you'll be able
to upload your company logo. 

Color your widget

To choose the colour for your widget, just enter the colour code you’d like, 

or select a color from the color panel.

This will change the color of your widget and other backgrounds. 

Important: Bottom Right corner houses the demo widget, where you can see a preview of design changes. 

Positioning and other custimization

There're other customization available, such as positioning of widget and shape of widget. 

Do drop us a message if you want more customization options available! 

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