Customize the Novocall widget (Advanced)

Set custom pages for Callback widget to appear in, and different web behavior 

that triggers that widget.

In this section, you'll learn to

  • Make your widget appear on selected pages
  • Customize the web behaviour that triggers your widget

Widget Pages Selection

You don't want your widget to appear everywhere, and configuring where your widget

 appears is an extremely simple step. 

Navigate to "Settings" > "Widget Settings" > "General Settings

Select Custom Pages instead of the default. 

Under Widget Page Configurations Options, you'll be able to:

  • Include pages - The pages you want your widget to appear
  • Exclude pages - The pages you do not want your widget to appear
  • Set rule: Equals - Filter the exact match of your input
  • Set rule: Contains - Filter your input in anywhere it is in

An example of a configured widget


Scenario 1 - Widget to appear everywhere except in 

Include + Contains: 

Do Not Include + Equals:

Scenario 2 - Widget to appear only in

Include + Equals:

Scenario 3 - Widget to appear everywhere except in blog ( 

Include + Contains: 

Do Not Include + Contains: blog

Scenario 4 - Widget to appear only in blog ( 

Include + Contains: blog

Widget Triggers

You can set how your widget triggers to your customers. We'll cover 

  • Scroll Trigger
  • Exit Intent Trigger
  • Time Trigger
Navigate to "Settings" > "Widget Settings" > "Widget Triggers

Under Widget Triggers, you can toggle ON/OFF for each triggers. 

Scroll Trigger 

The widget pops up when the visitor scrolls to the bottom of the page. 

Use Case: Landing pages and blog pages. This is because scrolling to page end is likely to 

mean that they have read the page/blog and might show some interest in your product/service. 

Exit Intent Trigger 

The widget triggers when the visitor attempts to exit page. 

Use Case: Main pages, pricing pages and other vital pages where potential customers would 

be making decisions. We'll detect if they are exiting and try to recover their interest with a free callback. 

Time Trigger

The widget triggers after a certain amount of time. 

Use Case: Squeeze pages with long convincing texts.

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