How to install Novocall on your Shopify site

Step 1: Copy Novocall Widget Code

Log in to your Novocall account.

Navigate to “Installation” 

 Copy widget code.

Step 2: Go to Shopify Account 

Login to your Shopify account, go to Online Store and click Themes in the menu on the left. 
Click on the Customize theme button.

Step 3: Edit HTML/CSS 

Click Theme options in the top menu and choose the Edit HTML / CSS option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Find your store's layout

After selecting Edit HTML/CSS, find the file called theme.liquid inside of your Layout directory. Open the file in Shopify’s editor.

Step 5: Find the body tag

Scroll to the very end of this file and paste the code you have copied from Novocall right before the closing </body> tag. 
Click Save to save the changes.

**If you make a mistake or add it incorrectly you could incorrectly install Novocall and might even break your store.

Step 6: Save and check 

Now save the file in the Shopify editor and look at your store.

Most importantly, your site should look normal and not broken. Secondly, check to see if the Novocall widget is showing up. It's usually at the bottom right corner by default. 

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