Customize Product Label

Product labels allow you add customized labels for each product. You can either choose to use your own customized words as label or select existing label image. Therefore, it will attract customers with your product labels and deliver a short message to customer.



Install Product Labels

1. Admin Panel > Apps > Featured Apps  > Search for: Product Label

2.  Select Add Label

3. You can customize the label name by 2 options:

  • Use label name as label

  • Select an image as label 

    a) Use label name as label (eg: Sale, Pre-order etc)

    Setup the Background Colour and Text Colour

    Select the product (s) to apply > Save setting

    b) Select an image as label

    If you want to select an image as label, you can directly choose and select the image label have been provided.

    Select the product (s) to apply  > Save setting 

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