Connecting revPay Payment Gateway

Make sure you have a registered account with revPay.

You will need the Merchant ID and Merchant Key to proceed.

The basic information of revPay below showcase the different plans and differentiation.

revpay package spec

After signing up with revPay, proceed to your admin panel to integrate with rePay.

1. Go to Setting  > Payments > Add payment method. 

select payments from EasyStore dashboard

select add payment

2. Select revPay

select revPay payment gateway

3. Insert the "Merchant ID" and "Merchant Code", then click "Activate" will do. 

insert merchant id and merchant key to complete revpay configuration

Note: The transaction charges are optional, it's for you to charge transaction charges to your customer.

payment settings

Percentage: Is the percentage of the total order amount.

MYR: Is the value you want to charge/fixed amount. 

Percentage + MYR = The transaction charges will be "percentage of the total order amount" + "value you want to charge/fixed amount"

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