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  1. Introduction

  2. Install Discount Timer app

  3. Conditions for countdown timer to show

1. Introduction

Installing Discount Timer app will enable countdown timer on your products. This informs customers that your promotions is ending soon and creates an urgency for them to place order.


2. Install Discount Timer app

2.1 Log in to Admin Panel > Apps > search for Discount Timer and install.



2.2 Once the app is installed, click 'Go to settings page'.



2.3 Tick 'Enable Discount Timer' > select your preferred text and background colour ( preview of the timer will be displayed at the bottom ) > Save changes.



2.4 Done.


3. Conditions for countdown timer to show

3.1 Discount timer will show only on products that have ongoing Discount type promotions. 

You may create discount promotion at Admin > Promotions > Add promotion. 



3.2 Conditions to be set when creating promotions for discount timer to show.


Condition 1: only promotions on selected items will show the timer ( promotion on entire store unable to show the timer )


Condition 2: only 1 quantity and above will show the discount timer ( 2 and above are unable to show the timer )


Condition 3: there must be end date for the promotion


Condition 4: selecting extra conditions of Voucher Code, all logged-in members and selected customer group(s) will not display the discount timer.


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