Announcement - Comodo Domain Control Validation (DCV) Update

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****Only Dedicated server / VPS clients that run with cPanel Auto-SSL will be affected****
All Comodo server certificates must have DCV (Domain Control Validation) performed on them.


Comodo change their way to handle a domain verification recently and cPanel will apply the fix to all supported versions of cPanel & WHM: version 56 through 66.


Please refer to the notes released on cPanel official blog


What is DVC?
It is the act of verifying that a user is the one who controls a domain.


Announcement detail
If you are running a Dedicated server with cPanel Auto-SSL, please make sure you perform an updating on your cPanel & WHM version to the latest released version and stay updated automatically.



Announcement impact:
Existing SSL certificates will continue to work until they expire, however servers that are not updated will be unable to request and issue new SSL certificates.


Please feel free to contact our team if you need further detail about this announcement via or drop a mail into


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