[COMPLETED] Announcement - DNS Synchronization issue

Date: 16th June 2021

Announcement update:

The syncing was completed by our software vendor.

If your domain still getting sync issue, please reach us at support@exabytes.my


Date: 14th June 2021


For domain owners who are using the following pair of Name Server will be affected:


ns131.mschosting.com.   ['']  
ns132.mschosting.com. ['']
ns133.mschosting.com. ['']
ns134.mschosting.com. ['']


Announcement Description:

Our team notice some of the domain that point to the above name server is experiencing DNS synchronization issues at this moment.

What is DNS (Domain Name System) ?

Computers  can only communicate using series of numbers, so DNS was developed as a sort of “phone book” that translates the domain you enter in your browser into a computer readable IP.

What is NS (Name Server) ?

A name server is a computer application that implements a network service for  providing responses to queries against a directory service @ "phone book"

Announcement status:

Our team have reported the above issue with our software vendor and they are working on it as priority.

Any DNS updating will still sync at backend with delaying.

If you require an urgent assistance, please reach us at support@exabytes.my

Thank you very much for your attention!

Best Regards,

Support Team
Support Department