[COMPLETED] Announcement - Microsoft 365 Service Disruption

Dear valued clients,

Announcement Detail:

There is a service issue with Microsoft 365 services.


Announcement effect:

Any domain that is using Microsoft 365 products will be facing the services disruption, for example:

- Microsoft Teams (Access, chat, and meetings) 

- Exchange Online (Delays sending mail) 

- Microsoft 365 Admin center (Inability to access) 

- Microsoft Word within multiple services (Inability to load)

- Microsoft Forms (Inability to use via Teams) 

- Office Online (Microsoft Word access issues) 

- SharePoint Online (Microsoft Word access issues) 

- Project Online (Inability to access) 

- PowerPlatform and PowerAutomate (Inability to create an environment with a database) 

- Microsoft Managed Desktop (Autopatching)

- Microsoft Graph API (Any service relying on this API may be affected)  

- Yammer (Impact to Yammer experiments) 

- Windows 365 (Unable to provision Cloud PCs) 

Microsoft support is actively investigating and rectify their service issue.


Best Regards,


Support Team


Technical Support Department