Announcement: Enhancing Email Security Measures!

Dear Client,

We hope this message finds you well. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of our communication systems, we are excited to announce a significant update regarding our email protocols. 

We have diligently fought against spam and unauthorized access to our email services. One crucial step we have taken is the implementation of SMTP authentication from our shared server, bolstering our defenses against malicious activities.However, despite these efforts, we have identified a gap that needs immediate attention. It has come to our notice that some users are still not utilizing SMTP authentication from their email clients, applications, and other tools. This oversight poses a potential risk to the security of our email infrastructure and the confidentiality of our communications.Therefore, we are issuing a mandatory directive: All users must ensure that SMTP authentication is enabled from their email clients, applications, and tools by April 2024. 

This proactive measure is essential to maintain the robustness of our email security framework.Imagine it like locking the door to your house. You did not want to leave it unlocked and let anyone walk in, right?

 It is the same idea with our email system. We need to make sure it is locked down tight to keep out any unwanted guests.Failure to comply with this directive may result in disruptions to your email services and potential security breaches. To avoid any inconvenience, we urge you to take the necessary steps to implement SMTP authentication as soon as possible.

We understand that change can sometimes be challenging, but it is imperative for the safety and reliability of our email services. Should you require any assistance or guidance in configuring SMTP authentication, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Below is the link for your reference, which provides detailed instructions on how to enable SMTP authentication.







Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work together to enhance our email security measures. Your diligence in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Afiq Yuswira

Technical Support