Purchasing SSL Certificate Information


Client may purchase a SSL certificate from Exabytes or purchase from other SSL provider and request Exabytes to install the SSL on server under Exabytes management only.

What are the cost involved to have a SSL certificate installed on my domain name?

  • If user purchase SSL from Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd
    • User will have to pay for the SSL price (to Exabytes)
    • One-Time Setup Fee (USD25/RM95) to Exabytes
    • One- Time Setup Fee (S$80) to Exabytes (For Singapore clients)
  • If user purchase SSL from other SSL provider
    • User will have to pay for the SSL price (to SSL provider)
    • Setup Fee (USD25/year or RM95/year) to Exabytes

What are the information needed in order to generate CSR (Certificate Singing Request) Key?

SSL Type:
SSL Key Size/Bit Length (By default:2048 bits):
Domain name(WITH/WITHOUT www):
Organization Registration Number:
Organization Unit / Department:
State / Province:
Contact Person: (Some one in the organization administration level)
Job Title:
Contact Person E-mail:

To purchase True BusinessID SSL or True BusinessID Wildcard SSL, client needs to provide us the following document:

i) A formal letter using Organization letterhead stating the Organization is giving the assigned Contact Person permission to use that domain name. Please also make sure that the person signs and prints their name and also includes their title.

ii) Company's business registration documents for Organization. Acceptable documents include Articles of Incorporation, Business License, Partnership Agreement, or other official documentation from your state or local government that confirms your business

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