Setting up folder auto clean in Smartermail v16

Here are guidelines for you can set up Folder Auto Clean in SmarterMail v16    

The folder auto-clean feature in SmarterMail is designed to help system administrators keeping

mailbox size(s) under control. Using folder auto-clean, common folders like the Junk E-mail, Sent

Items, and Deleted Items can be regularly purged of old messages

1.    To create rule for the Folder Auto Clean, user could log in to the webmail,

2.    On the top bar menu, select Settings and followed by Folder Auto Clean.

3.    Turn on override features

4.    The windows below will pop up for you to configure the Folder Auto-Clean, you may insert your

       preferred setting, You may choose based on email folder size/ date.

Note: Referring to above sample setting, it will remove the emails which mail age is more than 30 days.

Note: Please take precaution on setting up Folder Auto-Clean as email deleted is not retrievable.

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