Free DNS zone point to EasyStore

You may refer to this guide in order to link your domain to your EasyStore using our Free DNS Zone Hosting

1. Login to our client area billing system at :-

For (MY) client:

For (US) client:

For (SG) client:

2. On top of the menu, click > Domains > Manage DNS.

3. Click Add Zone and fill in your domain name which you would like to setup and select the IP from the drop down which is assigned to your "Package name or domain name" which you would like this domain to be pointed to. 

When finished, click Add Zone.

4. Your domain DNS zones will be showing up on the bottom of the list.


5. Click Edit to start setting up the DNS records that you would like to add/edit/modify.

6. Set the A record to EasyStore's IP address,,, and www cName record to

Note: Replace with your own domain name 

Kindly ensure there is a dot behind com for A record and CNAME. - main domain ✔️ (without the dot behind com) - subdomain ✖️

Below is the nameserver that need to be pointed shall the domain is for .MY and .US client

Nameserver 1: (
Nameserver 2: (
Nameserver 3:  (

Below is the nameserver that need to be pointed shall the domain is for .SG client

Nameserver 1 : (
Nameserver 2 : (
Nameserver 3 : (

Note: Once done update the nameserver , please wait for few hours for DNS propagation and for .MY domain name may required 24-72 hours for the DNS propagation.

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