How to restore your backup files?


Here are the steps to restore a CloudStore backup :

1.    Login to CloudStore panel from the provided URL in your email account notification. The URL should be http://:6060 or ask our support if you cannot located the URL.

2.    Go to Restore > List Backups For Restore

3.    Choose the backup to restore from the list.

4.    Set the restore parameters ( see the details below ), then click Restore.

  • Select The Backup Name And The Backup Server : The backup name and backup server are non editable by default. But if the backup schedule is backing up to more than one server, then you need to choose the server here from the choice box.
  • Select Version To Restore : Here you will see a tree with each parent node representing a full backup that has been done with the time stamp of the last incremental backup performed for this full backup. If the backup schedule was not configured with multiple full backups, then this list will have only one parent node- that of the first full backup. Under each parent node, a leaf node with timestamp represents an incremental backup that has been done. The leaf-node with the earliest timestamp represents the time when the full backup was done and all other time stamps represent an incremental backup on top of the full backup. You can choose any version based on timestamp for restoring. Note that the tree in Step 3 loads with the files/folders based on what timestamp/version you choose here. Also, by default the tree in step 3 is loaded for the latest backup of the backup schedule.
  • Select Files And Folders : You could select the files/folders and their versions to restore from the file/folder tree
  • Password : If you had password protected the backup schedule, you will need to provide the password here.
  • Restore Machine : This is the CloudStore client to which the backup data has to be restored to. The data can be moved either to the same machine or to a different (remote) machine. If the files have to be restored to a remote machine, you need to specify the remote machine's CloudStore web console username and password.
  • Restore Deleted Files - This has three options to choose from:
    1. Skip Deleted Files : Choosing this option will skip the deleted files and restore the rest.
    2. Deleted Files Only : Choosing this option will restore only the deleted files.
    3. Include Deleted Files : Choosing this option will restore all the files including the deleted files.
  • Restore Location - You have two options:
    1. Original : This option is applicable only if the data is restored to the same machine.
    2. Alternate : By setting this option, you can specify the alternate location to which the backup data has to be restored. The restored files will be saved in this location, but with their full original path – that way you know exactly where these files were in the first place!
  • Advanced Options : When backup data is restored, it is possible that the original files are already present in the restore location. In this case CloudStore by default will retain the original file and rename the restored file with an extension *.SG. “Advanced settingsâ€� allows you to change this.

5.    If it prompt you a notification, please read and understand the information before you continue. (see below example)

6.    Restore process is started.

Note : Click the picture to see it in its original size.

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