Getting Started : DNS

What is DNS?
Learn how DNS translates domain names to IP addresses and why it is often called the "phonebook of the Internet" Understand DNS concepts and terminology.

General FAQ
Find answers to common DNS questions.

Understand a CNAME setup (Business or Enterprise domains only)
Benefit from Cloudflare services without updating the nameservers for your domain.

Get up and running

Configure your DNS records in Cloudflare
Learn the purpose of common DNS records and how to add or delete them via the Cloudflare dashboard.

Update your Cloudflare Nameservers
Understand how to update nameservers at your domain registrar in order to complete the Cloudflare onboarding process.

Add vendor-specific DNS Records to Cloudflare
Add DNS records to Cloudflare in order to support third-party software including Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, ClickFunnels, WPEngine, and Zoho.

Secure your DNS configuration

Get started with DNSSEC
Ensure your domain DNS responses match the DNS records published on the nameserver.

Understand DNS Firewall (Enterprise only)
Protect your nameservers from DDoS attack and reduce load by caching DNS responses at Cloudflare's global points of presence.

Hide origin IP addresses
Prevent attackers from discovering your origin ip addresses and circumventing Cloudflare protection

Customize your DNS configuration

Add Custom Nameservers (Business or Enterprise domains only)
Create unique nameservers instead of utilizing Cloudflare assigned nameservers.

Setup and manage Secondary DNS (Enterprise only)
Edit DNS records on nameservers outside of Cloudflare. Allow changes to automatically transfer to Cloudflare's nameservers.


DNS troubleshooting FAQ
Find answers to common DNS issues.

Troubleshoot DNSSEC
Detect DNSSEC issues affecting DNS resolution.

Why was my domain deleted from Cloudflare?
Recover a domain that was deleted from a Cloudflare account. Learn why a domain was deleted to prevent the issue from recurring.

My DNS doesn't work
Identify the reason for DNS failures.

I cannot add my domain to Cloudflare…
Understand common reasons why a domain cannot be added to a Cloudflare account.

Email undeliverable when using Cloudflare
Resolve issues with email delivery for a domain added to Cloudflare.


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