How to Create Virtual Directory (SolidCP)

How to Create Virtual Directory in SolidCP

1.    Kindly login to your SolidCP account.

2.    Click on the “Web Sites” logo under Web & Applications to proceed.


3.    After proceeding to another screen, you can choose the websites that you wish to create virtual 

       directory by clicking on the domain to proceed to the next step.


4.    Afterwards will proceed to the “Web Site Properties” page. Click on the “Virtual Dirs - Virtual Apps 

       tab and then click on the “Create Virtual Directory” button.

5.    Afterwards will proceed to another screen, please fill in the virtual directory name, 

       select Virtual directory path by clicking the blank and a dropbox will be shown. 

       Remember to click “Create Virtual Directory”.

6.    Now, you have successfully added the Virtual Directory and you will be proceeded to 

       the Virtual Directory  Properties page. Remember to click “update”.

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