OpenCart2 Mail and SMTP settings


Log into your OpenCart Admin area. 

Under the Navigation Menu select "System" and then "Settings"

OpenCart System Settings Menu


Now select the settings of the desired store

OpenCart Store Settings

Select the Mail Tab

Then enter the outMail settings you were provided with.

OpenCart Store Email (SMTP) settings - with outMail


  • Mail Engine = SMTP
  • Mail Parameters = Leave blank, not needed for SMTP option
  • SMTP hostname = <outMail server provided in the welcome email>
  • SMTP Username = <outMail username provided in the welcome email>
  • SMTP Password = <outMail password provided in the welcome email>
  • SMTP Port = 25 (or 587, 2525 or 8025)
  • SMTP Timeout = 5 (Default is fine)
  • Click "Save Changes"

Using SSL or TLS

First get the connector running with security set to none.  This is achieved by entered in the hostname with no prefix.

Once you're happy its working you can enable SSL or TLS encryption options by changing the SMTP hostname field.

For SSL, prefix the hostname with ssl:\\ for example ssl:\\ Remember for SSL you will need to change the port to 465.

For TSL, prefix the hostname with tls:\\ for example tls:\\ TSL is supported on all ports.

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