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Connection Strings for MySQL

Cold Fusion (DNSless):
connectstring="Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};SERVER=serverIP;UID=user;PWD=pass;DATABASE=mydb;network=dbmssocn"


connectstring="Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};SERVER=serverIP;UID=user;PWD=pass;DATABASE=mydb;network=dbmssocn"

Cold Fusion (DNS):
datasource="DSN" username="user" password="pass"

Perl (DSNless):
$dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:mysql:mydatabase:serverIP','user','pass');

PHP (DSNless):
$db = mysql_connect("serverIP", "user", "pass")

MyConn.Open "dsn"

ASP (DSNless):
"Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};" & _
"Server=serverIP;" & _
"Port=3306;" & _
"Option=131072;" & _
"Stmt=;" & _
"Database=mydatabase;" & _
"Uid=user;" & _

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