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Announcement - Establishment of Email Secure Connection

Dear Clients,

Announcement Details:

In line with the modern age people more consciousness about their mailbox privacy and security, there is significant increasing of secure mail connection establishment detected. To cater this continuous growth demand on apps, mail client, down to user personal requirement, Exabytes has update wildcard SSL to equipped all mail server to meet this requirement.

How to configure to connect mail client with secure connection?
For mail, apps that demand or preset to connect with TLS or SSL connection, user may needed to configure the incoming / outgoing mail host to the mail server hostname to enjoy this secure connection.

How to identify mail host value?
To identified the mail host value. Open up command prompt with run "cmd" under Run and insert command below.




Remarks : Please replace the" to your administrate / registered domain name.

User may then receive the require result under Name column. Place this name server value under mail client incoming / outgoing mail host column to initiate the secure connection.

If user still failed to locate the require mail hostname, please feel free to reach our support personal. Our support personnel is pleased to help and ready to serve.

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Support Team


Technical Support Department