[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - CHKDSK on allium.mschosting.com []

Date : 15th June 2020
Time : 11:00 PM MYT

Maintenance Update:

Scheduled CHKDSK maintenance on the aforementioned web server to verify filesystem consistency has been completed. The web service will now resume their operations without any noticeable service impact.


Dear Valued Clients,

Date : 15th June 2020
Time : 10:00 PM MYT
ETA : 3 hours

*** Only clients hosted on server allium.mschosting.com will be affected ***

Maintenance details:
We will perform disk check on aforementioned web server to verify file system consistency

What is CHKDSK?
chkdsk is a command run utility in Microsoft Windows-based systems to check the file system and status of the system's hard drives.

Maintenance effect:
During maintenance timeframe, all service hosted on the aforementioned server will not be available.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department