Announcement: Deprecating TLS 1.0 & 1.1 at shared servers

Dear Valued Clients, 

What is TLS?

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the protocol which secures HTTPS.

What is the version of TLS that depreciating?

There are currently three versions of the TLS protocol in use today: TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.

TLS 1.2 was published ten years ago to address weaknesses in TLS 1.0 and 1.1

Major providers in this industry including our software vendors only supports TLS 1.2 or newer now. Their system also enables TLS 1.2 by default.

We decide to deprecate TLS 1.0 & 1.1 in our shared environment.

When will we turn it off?

1st July 2021

What is the impact of this deprecation?

This deprecation will primarily affect non-browser software, APIs, and other internet infrastructure. 

Do you need to do anything for this announcement?

Please share it with your company MIS / IT personal to go through if email users under your company connect their email account using email client (Example: Outlook).

If yes, please double check if their version fall into the below categories where TLS 1.2 protocol is not available.

Office 365
TLS 1.2 protocol is available.

On Windows 8 and later versions
TLS 1.2 protocol is available.

On Windows 7 or older
TLS 1.2 protocol is not available.

Outlook 2013 and older
TLS 1.2 protocol is not available.

Outlook 2013 (Included in Office 2013)
Outlook 2010 (Included in Office 2010)
Outlook 2007 (Included in Office 2007)
Outlook 2003 (Included in Office 2003)
Outlook 2002 (Included in Office XP)

What is the next option if my Outlook not able to support TLS 1.2?

1) Upgrade your Windows OS or Outlook to new version that work well with TLS 1.2 above. 

2) Switch to another email client that able to work well at TLS 1.2 (example: Thunderbird)

3) Run in your own environment (VPS / Dedicated server)

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our helpdesk portal if you still concern regarding TLS after read this announcement. 

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Support Team


Technical Support Department