Exabytes - Terms of Service updates 1 July 2021

Dear valued customers,

Exabytes always attempts to improve our valued customers’ web hosting experience. To support our initiative, we have made some updates to our Terms of Service, focussing on:

  • Term and renewal of the service
  • Termination and Cancellation of the service
  • Subscription of third party software

We also take this opportunity to enhance some of our existing practice such as:

  • confidentiality obligation
  • arrangement and enforcement of the Terms of Service
  • compliance with the applicable laws
  • elaboration on additional terms and conditions and policies set out in Exabytes website.

Learn more by reading Exabytes.my Terms of Service.

Effective date of these updates

1 July 2021

Agreeing to these updates

By continuing to use Exabytes services, you agree to our updated Exabytes.my Terms of Service.

To learn more about the terms and conditions, please visit our website.


Best Regards


Exabytes Management