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[COMPLETED] Services Disruption - Intermittent Network Issue

Date: 30th Sept 2016
Time: 11.10 AM MYT +0800

Services Disruption Update:
The earlier Intermittent network Issue caused by denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the our MY Network.

For time being, the network has been recovered but still under close monitoring by our network engineers. 

What is DDoS attack? 
Distributed denial of service. Incoming traffic from many different source flood victim and cause the site/server not respond on time with other validate request. 


Dear Valued Customers,

Date: 30th Sept 2016
Time: 10.40 AM MYT +0800


Services Disruption detail:
There are some Intermittent  network issue and our engineers are checking on this and please wait for our next update.

We should come back to you within the next 60 minutes, or as soon as there are any new developments!


Services Disruption affects:
All services will not be accessible at the mean time and w
e're sorry for the inconveniences encountered.


Best Regards,


Support Team
Technical Support Department