Announcement - Server Security Update: Meltdown and Spectre

Dear Clients,

Announcement Details:

Security researchers announced two security flaws, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre.

What is Meltdown and Spectre?

A hardware bug allows low-privileges process to access the memory in the computer’s kernel to steal data which is currently proceeded on the computer.


It allows malicious programs to gain access to higher-privileged parts of a computer's memory


It steals data from the memory of other applications running on a machine.

What is the impact:

It could allow malicious software to spy deeply into another process and data then steal sensitive data such as password and text communication.

Maintenance Detail:

A) Shared hosting servers.

Our team will notify affected clients and further schedule kernel update that require a server reboot during the process.

(Windows shared hosting)

10th Jan 2018

11th Jan 2018

12th Jan 2018

(Linux shared hosting)

15th Jan 2018

16th Jan 2018

17th Jan 2018

18th Jan 2018

19th Jan 2018

B) Dedicated servers and colocation clients.

Our team will notify all affected clients regarding the above security flaws and work together with managed services clients on the updating.

Steps to update kernel:


C) Cloud/VPS clients.

Our team will notify affected clients and apply kernel updating on Hypervisors.

10th Jan 2018:

15th Jan 2018:

16th Jan 2018:

Those unmanaged services client under (B) & (C) who is interested on this update may contact support team by submitting a ticket at choose Technical Support (Dedicated Server / VPS / Cloud / Colocation)

Best Regards,

Support Team


Technical Support Department