[RESOLVED] Announcement - Google Search Console alert on Smartermail

Dear clients,

Greetings from Exabytes. 

*** All clients host under Windows shared hosting server will be affected ***

Google Search Console alert have recently rate our shared hosting Webmail: Smartermail internal links as unsafe.

Webmail users may start seeing a bright red warning screen when navigating to any email that contains attachment inside using Chrome or Firefox. 

An example of this warning is below, though the actual text and/or reason for the warning may vary:


1, Kindly use another type of browser such as Microsoft Edge, Opera and etc.

2, Manage the alert by referring the following link:


We are dealing with the vendor closely on it and please feel free to contact our team if you need help during the transition period via https://support.exabytes.com.my/ or drop a mail into support@exabytes.my

Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day! 

Best Regards,

Support Team,
Technical Department

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