[COMPLETED] Scheduled maintenance - VPS Security Update: TCP SACK PANIC

Date : 13th July 2019

Time : 10.00 PM MYT

Maintenance Update :

Scheduled maintenance security update on  all Linux servers has been completed. 

All services on all Linux listed SSDVPS servers will now resume their operations without any noticeable service impact.


Dear Valued Customers,

**Only clients subscribed Linux VPS service and match with the nodeid will experience service disruption**

Start: 13th July 2019, 8.00 PM MYT
End: 13th July 2019, 11.59 PM MYT
ETA:  30 mins for each server

Maintenance details:

As refer to the following Security announcement by Red Hat:



TCP SACK PANIC allows a remote attacker to trigger kernel panic on Linux kernels.

Our team will perform scheduled security update for the following servers:

SSDVPS01 with label nodeid 19
SSDVPS02 with label nodeid 30
SSDVPS03 with label nodeid 21
SSDVPS04 with label nodeid 22
SSDVPS05 with label nodeid 23
SSDVPS06 with label nodeid 25
SSDVPS07 with label nodeid 26
SSDVPS08 with label nodeid 28
SSDVPS09 with label nodeid 29
SSDVPS10 with label nodeid 31
SSDVPS11 with label nodeid 32
SSDVPS12 with label nodeid 33
SSDVPS13 with label nodeid 34
SSDVPS14 with label nodeid 35
SSDVPS15 with label nodeid 36
SSDVPS16 with label nodeid 37
SSDVPS17 with label nodeid 41
SSDVPS18 with label nodeid 42
SSDVPS19 with label nodeid 43
SSDVPS20 with label nodeid 44
SSDVPS21 with label nodeid 45
SSDVPS22 with label nodeid 46
SSDVPS23 with label nodeid 47
SSDVPS24 with label nodeid 48
SSDVPS25 with label nodeid 49
SSDVPS26 with label nodeid 51
SSDVPS27 with label nodeid 52
SSDVPS28 with label nodeid 53
SSDVPS29 with label nodeid 54
SSDVPS30 with label nodeid 55

Maintenance affects:
All services will be temporarily inaccessible during our reboot to apply new update.

How to check if your administrate virtual machine host under the affected server list?

In order to verify your operation virtual machine under the affected range, may refer to the step below.

  1. Login to client area login portal via portal (https://billing.exabytes.com.my/mypanel/clientarea.php

  2. Proceed to click on "Services" > "My Services" from the drop down option list. 

  3. Select and click on your active VPS service that intended to verify.

  4. Under the load out result, click on "Additional Information" tab. 

  5. The "nodeid" with the reference number shall turn up on your screen. 

  6. Verify if the nodeid exists under above affected list. If the number match, that implies your administrate virtual machine are under the  scheduled  maintenance list and disruption shall expect while the maintenance window kick start.


For VPS client, please access remotely via SSH (Putty) then apply the following command to update the patch
# yum update kernel
Server reboot is recommended after applying it.

After the update, please run the following command to check the status


wget https://access.redhat.com/sites/default/files/cve-2019-11477--2019-06-17-1629.sh ; sh cve-2019-11477--2019-06-17-1629.sh


The safe output will show as following:

Please do not hesitate to contact us by creating a Helpdesk Ticket at https://support.exabytes.com.my if you have any enquiries regarding this maintenance exercise. 

Support Team

Technical Support Department