[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Selected Linux servers (Batch B)

24th June 2020

Time: 12:01 AM MYT

Maintenance Update:

Scheduled Server Network card maintenance is successfully completed on the affected servers, all services are up and will now resume their operation without any noticeable service impact.


Dear Valued Customers,

*** Only client hosting services host the following servers will be affected ***

(Batch B)

23rd June 2020

Time: 9:00 PM MYT

ETA: 4 Hours

30 minutes each server. 

Affected servers:

jassid.mschosting.com []

lightbringer.mschosting.com []

msv23-rx-thrip.mschosting.com []

msv56-sh-basswood.mschosting.com []

murtabak.mschosting.com []

necroswords.mschosting.com []

pahang.mschosting.com []

paratha.mschosting.com []

selangor.mschosting.com []

soto.mschosting.com []

stormbreaker.mschosting.com []

tactigon.mschosting.com []

tempoyak.mschosting.com []

Maintenance detail:  

Our team will perform network card upgrade on the affected servers. 

Maintenance affects:

All services will not be available during the maintenance period.

If you need further information and clarification on the maintenance, please contact us via portal https://support.exabytes.com.my/en/support/home or email us at support@exabytes.my


Best Regards,


Support Team


Technical Support Department