CloudflareJS Deprecation

CloudflareJS was a JavaScript library that was previously used by a number of our products (e.g Rocket Loader, Mirage). It has now been removed to increase performance. In addition, it supported a number of legacy applications, such a “A Better Browser”. These have now been migrated to the new app store.

The only place you should now see references to cloudflare.min.js is if you’re using our Logo or Web badge widget. Any other reference to cloudflare.min.js is likely due to stale content being served. Pages served by Cloudflare will no longer insert CloudflareJS. If you are seeing cloudflare.min.js, it's probably being cached somewhere. You should determine where the HTML is being cached and attempt to purge it. Cloudflare wouldn't cache this file even before the change though, so purging the cache with Cloudflare shouldn't be necessary.

If you were using CloudflareJS to support legacy apps, please find these apps in the new app store. Loading other scripts from the old routes (starting /cdn-cgi/nexp/…) is no longer supported. Please load these scripts from CDNJS.

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