I am a 1&1 customer. How do I get support for Cloudflare?

If you host your website with 1&1, there are two possible support paths, depending on how you signed up

for Cloudflare:

  1. If you signed up for Cloudflare directly at https://www.cloudflare.com - where you would typically be using Cloudflare's authoritative nameservers for DNS - you can get support as usual by creating a support ticket.

  2. If you signed up for Cloudflare within 1&1's control panel on their website, 1&1 requires that you contact them for support of your Cloudflare service. 1&1 also requires that all account management must be done in the 1&1 control panel (so, there is no option to log in via Cloudflare.com). You can contact 1&1 support via:
  • US and Canadian customers: 1-866-99-1AND1 (1-866-991-2631)
  • International customers: +1 610-560-1620
  • E-Mail: support@1and1.com

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