Disabling Cloudflare features on admin pages for content management systems like WordPress

To avoid getting a site offline error message when updating the admin section of your content

management system, we recommend setting a Page Rule to exclude the admin section of your

CMS from Cloudflare. 

Please do the following on the Page Rule interface (we'll use WordPress admin section as an example):

1. Go to the Cloudflare Page Rule app.
2. Input the URL for the admin section, which is in this format: example.com/wp-admin/
3. Place a * before and after the URL, so it reads as *example.com/wp-admin/*.
4. For "Cache Level", choose "Bypass"
5. For Performance, choose "Disable Performance"
6. For security, choose "Disable Security"
7. Save the rule

It will take 3 minutes for the rule to take effect.


If you are not using Wordpress, substitute the "/wp-admin/*" piece with the appropriate admin and login

section for your CMS system.



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