How do I troubleshoot an IPv6 Gateway issue?

The following information would be helpful in diagnosing an issue you're having with the Cloudflare IPv6 gateway:

1.    A traceroute with the command of traceroute   

       Directions for traceroutes


  Please remember to put 6 at the end of the command. If you don't get a response back with the traceroute6

  command, it means that you're not running over IPv6 and you should use the regular traceroute command


2.    A dig of your domain using the command dig AAAA.

3.    A ping of your site using the command ping6 If you're not on an IPv6 connection, however,

       the command won't work and you should use ping

  Please open a support ticket with this information when IPv6 is enabled on the domain. You can then turn

  the IPv6 option off in your Network app if the site is having issues resolving.


If you aren't seeing a toggle switch then your plan type requires an API call to change your IPv6 setting.

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