Edit a DNS Zone in WHM Control Panel

What is the different between Manage DNS Zone and Edit DNS Zone?

There is also several ways to modifying your DNS Zone. The function of Manage DNS Zone and

Edit DNS Zone are almost the same. You may also add,modify, remove any records in any functions.

1.    Login to your WHM Control Panel.

2.    At the left size menu, you may click DNS Functions.

3.    At the current page, please click Edit DNS Zone function.

4.    Next, you may select the DNS Zone that you wish to modify.

5.    At the following page, you might start to make changes to your records.

6.    At the same time, you might add some new records to it.

7.    Last but not least, you may choose Remote Mail Exchanger and click Save.

8.    Finally, it will prompt you with a successful message.

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