Creating A/B test email campaigns

When it comes to contact engagement, even small variations to your newsletters can have a big impact. 

What is an A/B test?

An A/B test (or split test) is a way to test how two different variations of an email campaign (A or B) perform with a portion of your recipient list. This type of testing enables you to present the "winning" or most successful variation of your campaign to the rest of your audience to help improve your results. 

When creating a test, you will:

  • choose one element to test, such as the subject line or email content
  • select the sample size of recipients for the test (each variation will be sent to exactly half of the sample)
  • choose the method for determining the winner: best open rate or best click rate
  • set the duration for when the test should run

Each recipient in your sample will receive only one of the two variations: version A or version B. 

After the test period, the winning variation will be selected based on your criteria (open or click rate) and will be immediately sent to the rest of your campaign's recipient list. 

This process ensures the best version of your campaign is sent to the largest group of recipients.

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