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Linux - Plesk Server User Manual

Here is everything you need to know about operating the Plesk control panel system and Linux operating system.

This guide helps you get started using your dedicated server or virtual private server under Plesk control panel system environment.

  1. How to Secure Server Access
    1. Change admin password
    2. Configuring SSH key and disable password authentication
    3. 2FA
  2. Basic manual to operates the server
    1. Patching operating system
      1. Command base
      2. GUI - Plesk control panel
    2. how to restart the server
  3. Plesk version update
  4. Plesk functional guide
    1. How to create an account
    2. How to upload files
      1. FTP
        1. Normal FTP
        2. SFTP
      2. File Manager
    3. Database
      1. How to create MySQL/Mariadb database
      2. Access phpmyadmin
    4. Email
      1. Email address management
      2. How to access email
        1. Webmail
        2. Mail client
      3. Cheking email account usage
      4. View mail queue
    5. SSL enabling
    6. WordPress toolkit
    7. Cron job management
    8. Change PHP version
  5. DNS management
    1. Using default DNS given by Exabytes
  6. Enable SSL for Plesk hostname/URL
  7. Plesk extension - how to use
  8. Web component management
    1. PHP version
      1. install version
      2. install component
      3. enabling PHP-FPM
  9. Monitoring
    1. Disk space usage
    2. CPU load
    3. Apache process
    4. MySQL process
  10. Website security scanner
    1. ImunifyAV
  11. Service management
    1. How to restart several service
  12. Firewall management
    1. IP blockage tracing Fail2ban

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