Colocation Data Center Visitation Flow

Exabytes Data Center have implemented new data center visit request system through Exabytes Client Area. Colocation Customer/Client can submit their visitation request thru the Client Area portal that can be accessed by the Primary Email account owner without the need to submit any visitation form anymore.

In any scenario, if the process hassle for the Primary Email Account owner, account holder can add additional user to be the authorized personnel to create the Data Center Visitation form on their own.

Steps on how to add the users can be found here; "How to Add/Remove Users " and the only permission required is "View Products & Services - view access to product, services and addons"

Other permission are to disregard or depend on the account owner on what to apply to

Below is the process to submit new Exabytes Data Center Visitation Request:


1. Login to the Client Area Portal;

2. Once login, hover your mouse cursor to “Services” and click on “My Services”

3. It will list out all your service subscription with Exabytes. Upon that, look for your Colocation service row and click on “Manage Product”

4. Once the product page shown, you will the “Datacenter Visits” function at the left side bottom pane of the Account Manager accordingly. Click on the “Schedule an Appointment”

5. Once click, it will bring to the next page of Data Center Visitation Request.



Below are the steps on how to use the Data Center Visitation Request.


1. Click on the “New Visit Request”

2. A window will popup and shown the field that you need to select and fill.

3. There are 3 tab of forms that you need to completed depending on the nature of the visitation. If there are “Device/Equipment Removal” We will sent over thru email the “Device/Equipment Removal Forms” to be filled accordingly prior to visitation.

a. Visitor detail, date & time and nature of the visitation

b. Equipment declaration to be check-in/out into or from the Data Center

c. Any remarks that should be declared or notify to our Exabytes Engineer

4. When the form completed and submit, an Entry will exist on the visitation page as per below:

5. Your visitation request will be process and the status will be updated once Approved/Cancelled.

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