How to add the link

Adding a link on is a simple process that can help you share your online presence effectively. Follow these steps to add a link on

  1. Login to your page here;

  2. Once you're logged in, you'll be taken to your dashboard. This is where you can manage your links and customize your page. Choose the “Links” tab;

  3. Paste your link in a special field and then click on the “Add New Link” button;

  4. You'll be prompted to enter details for your link. This typically includes:

  • Link Title: This is the text that will be displayed on your landing page.

  • Link picture: You are able to upload a thumbnail image to represent the link visually.

  • Special animation effects: Make your links appear smoothly or dynamic by applying the different effects.

  • Schedule option: You can schedule the release of your important links and have full control over when your links go live.

  • Lock details: In this case, your visitors can only access links fulfilling certain criteria.

  1. After filling in the link details and making any desired customizations, make 

    sure to save your changes. Your link will now be live on your, to hide this link simply click the green toggle in the top right.You can repeat the above steps to add more links to your page including Advanced links like social, books, music, mobile apps links. We let you add an unlimited number of links! 

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