How to create a custom theme for your link-in-bio?

Creating a custom theme for your link-in-bio page, like the ones offered by or similar services, typically involves customizing the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other visual elements to match your brand or personal style.

1. Sign Up or Log In: Start by signing up for an account or logging in to your account;

2. Access the Theme Customization Options: Look for a section in your account dashboard or settings that allows you to customize the theme of your link-in-bio page like the Appearance option on 

3. Scroll to find the Themes section;

4. Look through and tap on the “Create your own” button;

5.Then customize your background (style, сolors and other elements). You can add portrait and landscape images. Once you have uploaded an image, it will automatically appear on your For best results, we recommend that you use files that are 6MB or less.This can help you create a unique look.

6. If you want to change your button, font styles, and colors that fit perfectly with your branding, scroll up to the Buttons and Font Styles section. Select fonts that are easy to read and complement your overall design.

7. Select your links’ text alignment and social icons style.

8. You can see a live preview of how your profile looks on the right of your screen if you’re on a desktop. If you’re on the phone, hit the Preview button to see a preview. Use this feature to ensure your customization looks the way you want it to.

Promote your link-in-bio page on your social media profiles, website, or wherever you want to direct your audience. Your followers will be able to access your links and content through this page.

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