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[COMPLETED] Service Disruption - Exabytes MY Billing System

Date : 30 Dec 2017

Time : 7.05PM MYT

Service Disruption Update:

MY billing system started responding and will able to access now.

if you face any issue kindly contact support


Dear Valued Customers,

Date : 30 Dec 2017

Time : 5.30PM MYT


Service Disruption Details:

Our MY billing system  has dealing with unexpected connectivity issue and we are working on it.

We should come back to you within the next 60 minutes, or as soon as there are any new developments!

Service Disruption affects:
During the Service Disruption , customer will not be able to perform any new order, renewal of invoice and other activity through our billing system until its completed.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department

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