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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - Power shutdown at PG Sunctech Building

Date: 23rd Jun 2019

Time: 5.00 AM MYT

Maintenance Update:

Scheduled maintenance Power shutdown at PG Sunctech Building is has been completed.


Dear Valued Customers,


Planned Start Date: 22nd Jun 2019, 10.00 PM MYT
Planned End Date: 23rd Jun 2019, 5.00 AM MYT


Maintenance Detail:

Please be informed that there will be a power shut down in Suntech for TNB and Suntech to carry out calibration and services of the Electrical systems at the TNB HT sub-station and landlord HT sub-station / LV switch room.


Maintenance Affects:

During this maintenance window, all co-location servers under PG AIMS data center shall continue operate via redundant power with remain service unaffected.


Best Regards,


Support Team


Technical Support Department

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