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Password strength must be at least 55

Password strength must be at least 55

cPanel introduce Password Strength feature to current cPanel version and we do apply it to all of our shared environment server.

This feature used to applied as a security precautions to prevent any account is being 

hijacked by malicious user due to easy password.

The check will applied to every function and feature listed below within the WHM and


cPanel that allows to set or change the password.


Email Accounts

FTP Accounts

cPanel Accounts

SSH Keys

WebDisk/WebDAV Accounts

cPAddon/Site Software Installs

Account Creation

MySQL Users


Our shared server do apply the password strength to value of 
55 and you might wonder what is value of 55 is that.

To understand for more, you may check with the URL as below where it is similar to cPanel


Password Strength algorithm. (

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