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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Windows Update - Pulau cluster & smtppro11

Dear Valued Customers,

Date: 19th Jan 2020
Time: 11:00PM MYT
ETA: 3 hour

*** Only windows clients hosted under will be affected ***

Pulau Cluster (

smtppro1 (

smtppro2 (

smtppro3 (

smtppro4 (

smtppro5 (

smtppro6 (

smtppro7 (

smtppro8 (

smtppro9 (

smtppro10 (

smtppro11 (

Maintenance details:

To continuously retain optimum service for all our clients and cater the  future hosting needs, we will schedule Windows Optimization and reboot  action on the aforementioned action on this server on the stated date.

For further reference about the vulnerabilities:

(A) What Do You Need To Know About This Update?

kindly refer to following news:

(B) What is the impact?

Said exploit allows attackers to spoof valid code-signing of arbitrary executables, allowing any malware to evade detection by typical means and bypass built-in protections by masquerading as legitimate programs, and allowing attackers to MITM encrypted connections far more easily by impersonating legitimate services.

Maintenance affects:
During the maintenance window, all server under the entire cluster will be affected and all services will not available.

If  you need further information and clarification on the maintenance or if  you experience difficulties after the maintenance period, please  contact us via portal ( or email us at

Support Team
Technical Support Department