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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server maintenance: Network Switch Relocation (A)

Date: 8th Aug 2017
Time: 9.50 PM MYT

Maintenance Update:

Network Switch Relocation (A) scheduled maintenance is successfully completed on the affected servers, all services are up and will now resume their operations without any noticeable service impact.


Dear Clients,


Thanks for your support to Exabytes Network.

Date: 8th Aug 2017
Time: 9.00 PM MYT

Our team will conducting a Network Switch relocation for the whole rack that hosted the Shared Hosting Servers:


List of affected server:



Maintenance detail:

The maintenance process will include switching the network switch where the current switch port are facing the rear side of the rack to be face front of the rack.


The maintenance process are listed below:
1. We had prepared a temporary switch so that we can swap the cable to the temporary switch
2. the actual switch will be unmounted and move to the front rack
3. Start to unplug the cable
4. pull to the front and plug back to the actual network switch

During the process of no. 3 to 4, there will be network downtime between 10~15 minutes where all of your server services will be unavailable.

We estimated the whole process will take between 30~45 minutes while the Network downtime occur between 10~15 minutes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by response to this case if you have any enquiries regarding this maintenance. Thank You!

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Support Team
Technical Support Department