Announcement - Linux shared hosting security update

Dear Clients,

*** Only Linux shared hosting clients host under cPanel environment will be affected ***

Announcement Details:  

SMTP Authentication is a MUST.

When Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) designed at early stage, it do not provide any real verification for sender.

A mail server that do not verify those sender detail is an Open Mail Relay which allow anyone on the internet to mail over any destination.

All Exabytes shared hosting mail servers require email user tick to turn on SMTP authentication in their email client and we will force it start from 1st Sept 2018

This implementation is purposely designed for strengthening the security level and prevent trespassing from unauthorize party.

How to turn double check if SMTP Authentication turn on in your email client?

Apple Mail

Microsoft Outlook 2000

Microsoft Outlook 2002

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Once again, we thank you for your wonderful support, understanding and great patience.

If you need further information and clarification on the maintenance, please contact us via portal ( or email us at

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