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[COMPLETED] Scheduled MySQL server migration - Caladbolg

Date: 17th Feb 2017

Time: 08:00 PM MYT

ETA: 2 hours

***Only client's website that connect over Caladbolg will be affected***


Maintenance Description:

We will be migrating all MySQL data and services on the above scheduled date and time to another new physical server.

As part of the upgrade procedure requirement, both MySQL services will be shut off from services in order for us to conduct a full offline backup of the databases. 

Maintenance Affects:

1. During the upgrade, entire server will be stopped. 

This will cause service interruption to web sites which are using Caladbolg as MySQL server.

2. All the IP remain the same, there is no adjustment required for your database connection string. 

We expect the entire migration to complete in 2 Hours time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by creating a Helpdesk Ticket at ( if you have any enquiries regarding this server migration exercise. Thank You!

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department