How to access Windows Server through DUO Security

Please be informed that in April 2019, Exabytes had started to enforce MFA (Multi-Factor authentication) for all new Windows Server signups.

What are the tools used for this MFA?

We will be using DUO ( MFA tool for this purpose.

How does it work?

During the MFA deployment, Exabytes will send its clients an SMS that contains the system generated URL for them to download the apps through their mobile phones (supported on both Android/iOS). Client is required to install the software based on the link provided from the SMS.

Our Support Engineer shall send you an email to request User and Mobile Phone number that want to grant access through DUO. Once you provide we shall added the phone number which you had stated in the email in Duo Admin Control Panel.

How to login to your server through DUO Security.

1. Login to your Remote Desktop Connection and access using the server login provided to you

2. The Duo authentication prompt appear after you successfully submit your Windows credentials. Then select your mobile phone number in order to access to the Windows Server.

3. Next you can choose an authentication method to access to the server

Select any available factor to verify your identity to Duo Security:

Duo Push: Send a request to your smartphone. You can use Duo Push if you have installed and activated Duo Mobile on your device.

Call Me: Perform phone callback authentication.

Passcode: Log in using a passcode generated with Duo Mobile, received via SMS, generated by your hardware token, or provided by an administrator. To have a new batch of SMS passcodes sent to you click the Send me new codes button. You can then authenticate with one of the newly delivered passcodes.

4. If you success previous step you will be able to access to your Windows Server. 

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